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All lighting fixtures or luminaries must be properly fitted to a pole assembly to insure the total weight is supported and that the complete assembly will support the installation location’s maximum wind velocity. The three criteria necessary to insure proper pole selection are the total assembly weight (luminaire) and the Effective Projected Area, EPA (ft2) and the tenon size for top mounted poles. Refer to your lighting manufactures product catalog, for most manufacturers each individual luminaire/light has the weight, EPA, and, the tenon size listed on the individual luminaire specification pages. The capacity information for each pole is listed with the product specification for total weight capacity, total EPA supported, and the tenon size required.
Once your lighting fixtures and attachments are selected, please total the combined weight and total EPA. Additionally, add any additional weight and EPA for any signage, decoration or other non-lighting equipment that may be attached to the pole.

Effective Projected Area (EPA)
The formula to calculate the force of wind on an object is the actual projected area of the object times the coefficient of drag times velocity pressure of the wind. EPA is the resulting product. When mounting a luminaire/light fixture, the center of gravity for the fixture should be no more the eighteen (18) inches above the pole top. Recommended weights are listed for each Wind Velocity for every pole.

Pole Selection Instructions
1. Choose the specific lighting luminaire fixture required and any attachment components.
2. Find the weight and EPA for all components from the Manufacturer’s Catalog.
3. Check the wind velocity map for your geographic area for the installation location.
4. Select the pole type required, Mast Arm or Post Top Mount.
5. Determine the nominal mounting height required and luminaire tenon size (pole tip) required for top mounted poles.
6. If required select the proper Mast Arm and Mast Arm Length.
7. Choose the required color.
8. Add any necessary accessories (GFI outlet, Terminal Block, Pole Caps, etc). Check the pole ordering logic for proper codes required.
9. Refer to the Pole Selection Guide for the type pole selected and confirm selections.
10. Re-check that the weight and EPA totals do not exceed the specific pole rating. If they do not, you have selected the correct pole.
Note: This process is intended as a guideline only. Please call your CMT representative for confirmation of your selection.

Wind Resource - US Wind Map

Wind Speed 50-year Mean Recurrence Interval
(Maximum expected Wind Velocities in the United States)
- Click to enlarge -

Review the specific geographic area for installation and refer to the appropriate EPA column for the specific pole required.

For more information please contact your CMT Worldwide representative:
Peter H. Mokhiber
Phone: 770-509-5562
Cell: 770-329-4164
FAX: 770-509-5562
Email: pmokhiber@titanpoles.net


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