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Direct Burial Advantages for Titan™ Concrete Poles An Economic Advantage

Titan™ poles are manufactured from non-corrosive, non-rusting, non-metallic and environmentally inert materials that make these poles ideal for direct burial installations.  Installing poles by direct burial saves over 50% on installation costs, reduces the time necessary, and makes installations a one stop visit.

Anchor bases installations involve multi-step & multi-day procedures.  Anchor bolts must be delivered to the site along with the concrete base installation crew. First, concrete bases/footers are installed averaging $400.00 each. The base must cure prior to the final lighting pole & fixture installation.  An anchor base must also be purchased for the base and pole adding an additional $200.00 to each pole.  When ready for final installation a second trip must be made for final installation. These multiple trips and up to $700.00 in additional costs make Direct Burial the method of choice for Lighting Pole installations.

Installing a Titan™ pole requires only  two men, one truck, limited additional lifting equipment and one trip to complete an installation.  The single trip limits disruption at the installation site and gets your crew onto the next job in hours not days, saving your company money on every pole installation.

Installation Requirements
Direct Burial
Anchor Based or Other
Pole Cost $250-600 $450-$850
Direct Burial Materials $50.00 $0.00
Anchor Based Foundation Materials $0 $250-$500
Labor Costs $60-80 $160-$340
Equipment as required $50-$100 $200-$400
Total $360-$730 $1,060-$2,090
Saving Overall Savings:
Between $700 to $1,360

Direct Burial saves you time and money on every installation.

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