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Initial Evaluation of Composite Distribution Pole Technology
By NEETRAC, A Research Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology - July, 2004

"NEETRAC completed an initial evaluation of the dielectric properties of three prototype pole materials manufactured by Composite Materials Technology, LLC. For comparison to current technology, the testing program also included evaluation of CCA pole technology....

...When compared to the CCA poles tested, the CMT prototype poles demonstrated reduced leakage current properties, higher positive critical impulse flashover – dry values (by as much as 29%), and lower positive critical impulse flashover – wet values (by as much as 35%)."


Artificial Aging and Impact Tests for CMT Titan Streetlite Poles
By NEETRAC, A Research Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology - March, 2006

"Materials exposed outdoors are degraded by UV, moisture, and freeze-thaw cycles. Laboratory accelerated aging tests were performed to expose samples of CMT polymer concrete poles to environmental stresses. Impact toughness was measured for aged and un-aged samples to measure any change in the material properties resulting from exposure. Results demonstrate the polymer concrete poles retain their structural integrity after exposure to accelerated weathering stresses....

...Accelerated aging tests to simulate outdoor exposure were performed on samples cut from the CMT Titan Streetlite poles. Only minor weathering effects were found. Impact testing showed a slight degradation in the mechanical properties. Impact tests on a full-size pole section demonstrated that impacts from baseball line drives, and from malicious acts cause cosmetic damage, but only slight change in structural integrity."




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