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CMT Worldwide Titan Poles – FAQ’s

1. Why would I choose a Titan pole over wood, steel or concrete?

Titan Poles are the greenest alternative product manufactured. The poles are made with High Performance Lightweight Concrete (HPLC) a patented material that offers unique benefits. Titan Poles are lighter than wood or concrete. Titan have very low conductivity, may be installed with standard tools and hardware, are impervious to pests, ground contaminants and are an economical, long lasting, environmentally friendly pole that delivers a long trouble free installation requiring less maintenance and a lower overall total cost of ownership.

2. Where can I use a Titan pole?

Titan Poles may be used in any lighting or distribution application.

3. Does a Titan pole deflect?

HPLC, our patented material, provide extreme torsional rigidity and stiffness which results in a pole that meets or exceeds current standards deflection requirements.

4. How will Titan poles stand up to UV radiation?

Titan poles impervious to the effects of UV radiation.

5. How long will a Titan pole last?

CMT believes Titan poles will last well over 50 years based on our statistical test results. In general, Titan pole materials have been used in the United States for over 30 years, on building, protective walls and many other industrial applications. In fact, over time the HPLC material will strengthen with age insuring a long life. CMT's Titan Poles have been exposed to a complete suite of accelerated aging tests to insure strength meets long term required standards.

6. How well do Titan poles stand up against weed eaters and lawnmowers?

Weed eaters and lawnmowers will not affect the Titan pole. CMTÕs unique manufacturing processes the poles have a very strong dense surface. The result is a pole that may get scarred but will not be damaged when subjected to lawn care activity.

7. Are there any concerns about direct burial of a Titan Pole?

No. The preferred installation method is Direct Burial. One benefit of using Titan poles is that they are ideal in corrosive areas or areas subjected to chemicals. Unlike metal, Titan poles are not susceptible to chemicals, salt air, high humidity, varied soil conditions or other issues that may affect other materials. During all our testing a Titan pole will not spall or chip from environmental conditions.

8. How is the Titan pole installed?

Titan poles may be direct buried as you would for any other lighting or distribution pole, all sizes are installed with a 24Ó maximum auger.

9. How can Titan poles be disposed of if I ever replace one?

Titan Poles have no environmental impact due to their inorganic material construction. As a result disposal is accomplished they may be disposed of with any other land fill material.

10. Can Titan poles be field drilled?

Yes, using the same drill you would use on Masonite material.

11. What is needed to install a Titan Pole?

There is no special equipment or tools required to install a Titan Pole. Equipment that any installation crew or electrical contractor has when in the field will have the tools and capabilities necessary to install Titan Poles.

12. Are Titan Poles heavy like other concrete or wood poles?

No, Titan Poles weight up to 50% less than comparable wood poles and up to 75% less than reinforced concrete poles.

13. Is the pole safe?

Yes, Titan poles have very low conductivity, are extremely strong, contain no steel and are completely inorganic making them one of the safest poles in the market today.

14. What sizes are available?

Today, we are delivering a broad range of sizes up to 46 feet and we are adding new models regularly. Please refer to our web site for more complete information on available sizes at www.titanpoles.net

15. Are Anchor based poles available?

Yes Anchor based poles are available as a special order.

16. Where is the Titan pole installed?

Titan poles have been installed nationally for lighting pools, providing for street lighting, and solar panel applications.

17. Does a Titan pole require any special maintenance/inspection?

Once installed Titan poles require little or no ongoing maintenance or inspection.

18. Do you have test data?

Yes, CMT Worldwide has extensive testing data and Titan Poles can be engineered to meet your needs.

19. What is the warranty?

Titan poles carry a 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship and a lifetime warranty against blooming. A guarantee that is unique in the pole industry.

20. How do I order a Titan pole?

Titan poles can be ordered from any of our authorized representatives or directly from our sales team.

Street Lights Application FAQ's

1. Will Titan poles vibrate? If so how much?

No, Titan poles do not vibrate like comparable steel or aluminum poles; this characteristic makes Titan poles ideal for security camera or lighting installation improving camera pictures and luminarie life, reducing your overall operating costs.

2. What colors and finishes are available for Titan poles?

Titan poles come in a variety of colors and finishes, from a wood grain look to a concrete aggregate finish that looks like an attractive traditional concrete pole.

3. Can banner arms or other accessories be attached to Titan Poles?

Yes, Banner arms, speakers, traffic crossing signals and street signs may be attached to Titan poles.

4. What kind of lighting configurations can be used on a Titan Streetlight?

Titan poles accept all traditional lighting configurations, including multiple lighting fixture configurations with multiple bullhorn attachments

5. Will Titan Streetlights accept standard lighting fixtures?

Yes, Titan poles accept all a standard lighting fixtures and luminaries. Sizes are available from 2 3/8 up to 4Ó inch Tenons, all side mount attachments and many mast arm configurations.

6. Does a Titan Streetlight Pole have handholes?

Yes, Titan Lighting poles come standard with several hand hole sizes to meet your requirements.

Distribution Pole Applications FAQ's

1. Do Titan Distribution Poles accept most standard wood distribution pole hardware?

Yes, Titan Distribution poles accept standard distribution hardware configurations for both Public utilities and RUS standards.

2. Can I climb a Titan Pole?

Yes, Titan poles may be climbed when configured with steps.

3. Can a Titan Pole have climbing steps?

Yes, Titan poles can be outfitted with steps.

4. Is the Titan pole ready to install when I receive the pole?

Yes, Titan poles come ready to install with no additional required field work.

5. Does a Titan Pole have to be grounded?

No, Titan poles do not require an external grounding lug. However, a Titan pole may be configured with grounding lugs to meet local installation requirements.

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