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DATE: January 5, 2010

CMT Worldwide Eco-Titan™ Distribution Utility Pole Nominated for JEC 2010 Composites Innovation Award

DESCRIPTION: JEC Composites announces Eco-Titan™ as a finalist for the 2010 Innovation Awards.

ATLANTA, GA January 5, 2010 — CMT Worldwide was informed today that the Eco-Titan™ Distribution Utility Pole has been selected as a finalist in the JEC Composites Innovation ( of the year awards. Recently contacted to submit detailed information on this environmentally sensitive product, CMT Worldwide is honored to be considered for this, the most prestigious Composite Award in our industry.

A highly optimized composite utilizing OCV Reinforcements and a high performance lightweight concrete created the new innovation that garnered the interest for the JEC Composites Awards Committee. The science incorporated validated science to create a revolutionary composite that is leading the way into the utility industry.

CMT Worldwide believes that as the Electric Infrastructure & Grid is maintained and upgraded there will be more and more requirements for engineered, environmentally sensitive, standards based products to meet the distribution industries needs into the future. With uses in both the Electric Industry and Solar Industry the Eco-Titan™ Pole.

ABOUT CMT Worldwide, LLC, Marietta, GA
CMT Worldwide, LLC is the leading provider of Eco-Titan™ Pole technology to the worldwide market. Established in 2006 to assist in expanding the market acceptance and market penetration. CMT Worldwide currently has licensees manufacturing in the United States and Australia.

ABOUT Composite Materials Technology, LLC, Valdosta, GA
Composite Materials Technology is the leading provider of Titan poles today structures for the utility, lighting and rail markets. Composite Materials Technology, a leader in cement composites and filament winding research for over 15 years, developed the original filament wound Titan cement composite technology. All products are designed to meet stringent standards in each market sector. Composite Materials is a subsidiary of Langdale Forest Products, a 115 year old Wood products company headquartered in Valdosta, GA

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