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Corporate FAQs
Corporate FAQs

When is product available?

Titan poles may be ordered today.

Who are your current customers?

We have customers across the United States and Australia.

Where is the first plant?

Titan poles are manufactured in Georgia and Geelong, Victoria AUS.

What is the first plant’s schedule?

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Georgia and being built in Geelong, Victoria, AUS.

Can I get units to test?

Yes, Titan poles are available for testing and certification in your environment in your location.

How much is it?

Please contact our representatives or CMT Worldwide to provide pricing for your specific applications.

Why Titan products vs. other materials?

Titan poles are manufactured from our patented High Performance Lightweight Concrete (HPLC).  This unique material provides the strength of reinforced concrete and the lightweight strength of engineered composites.  This combination provides the strongest, most cost effective solution when compared with any alternative materials.

What is HPLC?

HPLC is a patented High Performance Lightweight Concrete material that provides strength to our Titan poles.  It is a highly rigid material that bends to meet pole requirements, while being environmentally neutral to protect our environment.  This combination of characteristics makes HPLC an ideal material for the demands of the pole marketplace.

What is role of the Langdales?

Langdale Forest Products is a major joint venture partner with CMT Worldwide.  Their experience and manufacturing expertise have been invaluable to CMT Worldwide along with their over 60 year commitment to the distribution pole marketplace.  CMT Worldwide is proud to have the Langdale Family as a valued partner.

What is role of Owens Corning Technical Fabrics?

Owens Corning is one of the world largest global manufacturers and provider of high-technology materials and services to the companies worldwide.  CMT Worldwide and Saint-Gobain have worked together over the last 5 years and today have a Strategic Marketing Agreement in both the United States and Europe.  CMT Worldwide is proud to have a partnership with a well respected worldwide manufacturing partner.

How do you serve my market?

CMT Worldwide provides a broad range of pole solutions designed to meet current and changing market requirements. We work with all sectors of the pole marketplace from utilities to the industrial and commercial markets developing and delivering solutions to meet the markets requirements.

How are people installing Titan poles?

Titan Poles have been installed with standard tools and hardware in applications ranging from security camera projects, traditional commercial lighting projects and there are plans for distribution installations shortly.

Can I license your technology? Can I franchise it?

Yes, CMT Worldwide is committed to expanding the use of our technology throughout the industry.  Our executive team would be glad to discuss either licensing or franchising opportunities with your company.

How do I represent your product?  Do you use Manufacturers Reps?

CMT Worldwide is committed to a manufacturers representative network nationwide and worldwide.  We operate in protected territories through out the United States today.  However, we are always evaluating representative firms who bring the quality, experience and professionalism demanded by the market.  Please speak with our sales team regarding available territories and current opportunities.

Who are you?

CMT Worldwide is the leading High Performance Lightweight Concrete Pole in United States.  We have over 60 years experience in the pole marketplace uniquely positioning CMT Worldwide to take a leadership position.  Our experience combined with our vision make CMT Worldwide the choice to solve any pole requirement.

Why are you focused on the pole market?

The pole marketplace is the changing dramatically.  Everyday more and more is demanded of pole assets, they are becoming more strategic to our customers everyday.  As a result of changing market conditions CMT Worldwide believes this market is poised to grow and is searching for a market leader. CMT Worldwide is the most innovative company in the market and believes our expertise, experience and vision uniquely position us to capture the market.

Why invest in concrete?

Historically, concrete is the most widely used building material in use.  Concrete’s unique characteristics make it an ideal material for pole applications; it is strong, durable, rigid, long lasting, and environmentally friendly.

What is your experience in concrete?

CMT Worldwide’s engineers have been working with concrete products for over 15 years, learning its special properties, characteristics and understanding how to integrate those characteristics into our Titan pole products.

Who are your industry experts?

CMT Worldwide works with experts in the composite field and other recognized manufacturing experts.  At Owens Corning Technical Fabrics, CMT Worldwide works with their reinforcement engineering team, while locally we work the Langdale Forest Products manufacturing experts to combine their skills to provide CMT Worldwide a solid industry expert foundation to build the best pole products in the market.

What is your reinforcement?

Titan Poles us Alkali-Resistant Rovings from OCV Technical Fabrics as the reinforcement agent for our HPLC material.  This material provides strength, rigidity and the durability necessary to meet the demanding pole industry requirements.

What are you doing with sustainable development?

Business as usual is not an option; CMT Worldwide’s vision is to integrate our environmentally friendly products and processes to improve the overall well being of the communities we serve.  To be more sustainable, development must improve economic efficiency, protect ecological systems, and enhance the well-being of all peoples.

Are you open to strategic relationships?

Strategic relationships are an integral component to CMT Worldwide business strategy.  Our executive team is open to the right kind of relationship with our customers, suppliers, other manufacturers and interested parties.

Are you open to international business?

International opportunities are important and vital to the global CMT Worldwide strategy.  We currently have several international business opportunities ongoing today with the intention to expand them as we position CMT Worldwide to be the leading global pole provider.

What is your business model?

The model incorporates all aspects of developing our position to be the leading pole supplier in the industry.  CMT Worldwide will deliver the economical, effective, innovative solutions to the market through acquisition, local manufacturing facilities, effective logistics and innovative solutions for poles and their uses.

Are you planning any acquisitions?

Yes, CMT Worldwide has always worked toward our vision for the market, as a result if the right acquisition makes sense we will always look at all the important issues.  Does it fit our business model, Does it make economic sense, Will it improve CMT Worldwide as a company?  These and many other factors are involved in whether or not additional acquisitions are on the horizon and as expected we can’t really comment on any pending or potential acquisitions.

What are your core skills/competences?

CMT Worldwide’s seasoned team brings financial, emerging company, sales, manufacturing, engineering experience and expertise together to uniquely position CMT Worldwide to be the markets leading alternative material pole supplier.

Are you hiring?

CMT Worldwide is always looking for the right talent to fit into our team. 

How can I become involved?

CMT Worldwide is always looking for the right companies and people to work with to participate in our vision.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways we can collaborate, work together, partner or expand to advance both companies or exploit market opportunities.

Tell me about your leadership?

CMT Worldwide’s leadership is comprised of a team of experienced professionals from the communications, entertainment, manufacturing and networking disciplines to provide a visionary approach to poles.  We believe this new look at a mature market opens the vision into the future for poles as strategic infrastructure assets.



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